"Did you say turkeys or turquoise ??"

Actually both.

If you hike near my favorite RV park, you may cross one of the abandoned turquoise mines, the jewelry of which has made New Mexico famous. I'll show you one of these mines from the air. But if you are hiking on the north end of the park, keep very quiet, and the Brown's may let you in on the secret of the wild turkeys...

[video] Doug and Judy Brown keep a watch for these wild visitors on Turkey Hill.

Wild Turkeys

[360 pan+zoom] We went the long way, but check out the view in all directions. Pan the 360 (Chrome,Safari,Firefox)

360 degree viewable

[video] We found the mine, and here's the view from the air.

Flyback video

[HD-photo] GPS tracking of the proceeding video, for technology buffs...

Google Earth image

[video] Waving goodbye as we fly to the next adventure...

Flyback video

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